Healthy, Dewy, Hydrated, Clear Skin this Summer!

Healthy, Dewy, Hydrated, Clear Skin this Summer!

5 Simple Ways to have Healthy, Clear, Breathable, Dewy Summer Skin!


1.  Go Makeup Free as often as possible (fill in brows and use some mascara for sure)!  I know this is hard for many, but leaving the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin free of anything but some light moisturizer is key to giving the skin a break. 

2. Hydrate from the inside!  8 glasses a water a day!  Start your day with 2 full cups before coffee or breakfast.  It's really a game changer.  Try it!

3.  CLEANSE gently but effectively!  Ok, so even if you go makeup free, there is environmental dirt and bacteria that builds up everyday, causing clogging and acne.  Cleanse but DO NOT strip the skin! (Cleansing more than twice a day can strip your skin of natural oils, but not cleansing enough can lead to excess build-up and breakouts).

4. EXFOLIATE - we love that word over here - ha!  We have an appreciation for sloughing off dead skin.  Exfoliation must be part of every beauty routine at least once a week. When you remove dead skin cells, you refresh your skin. Exfoliation helps to keep the outermost layer of your skin at its natural pH, thus protecting the layers of skin underneath. By removing the dead skin cells it allows fresh, new cells to surface leaving your skin looking so dewy and supple.

5.  Moisturize - but not with a heavy, greasy cream!  Go with an everyday, light moisturizer that leaves no film behind.  When it's hot, your pores sweat and you don't want makeup or creams blogging the sweat to escape!  That causes debris buildup and breakouts.  

Happy Summer!

p.s. Don't stress is #6 and our rule for always.  Stress and worry are bad for your health, your life, your skin!  Focus on all the good whenever possible. XO G