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Our skincare essentials are designed to make you skin and hair feel rejuvenated!

Our skincare essentials are designed to make you skin and hair feel rejuvenated!


Gilly's Organics is a line of natural, vegan, organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free beauty products that are healing and great for your skin. Made with natural ingredients to help restore your glow with regular use. You'll feel an improvement in the appearance of your hair and skin, and feel good about what you are putting on your body.


  • "Obsessed with the What a Face, Antioxidant Eye Cream! I love how light is goes on but truly moisturizes my dry, maturing skin. I use it under my eyes and on my neck and I see a firmed, softer difference. AND, I feel good about using this product. I am done using crap on my skin. I love how long this bottle lasts too! It’s clean and has value. Well done, Gilly’s Organics!"

    Lisa B

  • "Smoothest, best smelling lotion! This is my absolute favorite body lotion - so smooth going on, not greasy AT ALL, super nourishing! And it's the best smell - the mint and hint-of-chocolate combo is so creative, soothing, and just the right amount (not overpowering). Love it!"

    Leslie K

  • "This toner and facial spray smells just like fresh cucumber! The ingredients are awesome; each one has a distinct purpose. You can feel good about putting this on your face. I am keeping this in my fridge for hot summer days - feels awesome. It's cruelty free, which is something I look for whenever possible. Thank you, Gilly's Organics."

    Violet F

  • "I've been using your bottle of Nice 'Do shampoo for over six months! Not only has a little gone a long way, but I also just wanted to say how pleased I am to find a shampoo with a simple, natural list of ingredients, and which does a great job for my hair and scalp. The scent is perfect, not too strong, not too light. It has a nice lather, rinses easily, and leaves my hair feeling clean and soft!"

    Pete A

  • "Been using your scrub and WOW!!! I've had a rough patch on my arm that I couldn't get rid of (was going to see a dermatologist). After using your scrub for a week, it's already almost GONE! I'm a fan!"

    Deb F