WHAT A FACE! Renewal Toners

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Elevate your skincare regimen with our ultra-hydrating toners, each designed to restore your skin's natural radiance. Whether used after cleansing or as a refreshing boost throughout the day, our toners play a vital role in preparing your skin for optimal moisturizer absorption. 

The cucumber toner, made with witch hazel, tea tree oil, and aloe leaf juice, provides a anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This extraordinary formulation tightens pores, providing a rejuvenating effect while soothing and calming your skin. The toner works to visibly reduce inflammation, revealing a refreshed and revitalized complexion.

Alternatively, our rose toner offers a dewy, luminous beauty, making it an ideal choice for brightening and combating dryness. Watch your complexion blossom into a radiant state as you enjoy the refreshing floral notes.