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I love this scrub! I use it before I go out so my skin looks silky and glistening. Sometimes I take a palm full of sugar scrub and mix it with the …

Product: Hey Sugar, Lookin’ Good! Natural Body Exfoliant.


This is the best moisturizing cream ever – it really is like butter! A little goes a long way, but I love it so much, I think I look for excuses to shower – seriously. It smells like …

Product: Better For Body. Body Butter.


I’ve been using seemingly ‘natural’ products that say “100% organic cocoa butter” on the label for years, only to eventually learn that they were laden with parabens and carcinogenic toxins! I would have to apply that cream …

Product: Better For Body. Body Butter.


This cleanser is milky and not sudsy, which usually strips my face. It feels and smells so fresh, and when i use it my pores feel clean, smooth and radiant.

Product: What A Face! Super Silky Cleanser


This is the best pick-me-up when I feel like my skin is dull. It’s great with the cleanser and moisturizer and I also love it after a workout. It smells like fresh …

Product: What A Face! Rose Renewal Toner


I absolutely love my cucumber toner. I use it every morning and every evening and feel cleansed, refreshed and moisturized. It quickly became part of my regimen.

Product: What A Face! Cucumber Renewal Toner


I initially bought this shampoo for my children because the chlorine in the pool water had damaged their hair so badly. I loved the results on their hair so much that I started using …

Product: Nice ‘Do! World’s Gentlest Shampoo


This conditioner really feels natural. It doesn’t weigh my hair down, like most brands. It is light and minty and the fresh peppermint, naturally stimulates my scalp (and senses) and rinses my …

Product: In Mint Condition. Refreshing moisture for all hair types.


The sweet hint of chamomile in Gilly’s barely scented body wash is intoxicating! Instead of the overpowering artificial scents in most products, this all-natural, pure body wash gives you the experience of nature …

Product: Good Clean Suds. Body Wash.